Enric Fort

actualitas - Team

Enric Fort Ballester (*1987 Benifairó de les Valls, Spain)  primarily works in the field of performance. The intention behind his work is to examine relations between one person to another, between one person to an object, between object and meaning or between meaning and person. He studied with Bartolome Ferrando in Valencia in 2008, where he started doing individual and group performances, belonging to the group performance "FamiliaFortuita." And currently he is still working with Spanish artists like Álvaro Terrones, and in the performance group "noaccion". He has had performance workshop experience with Adina Bar On, Stefanie Trojan, Tadashi Endo and Kira O'Reilly among others.

Now, he is studying in Valencia, Spain as well as in Braunschweig, Germany at the Braunschweig University of Art. And he is part of the Performance Group in Braunschweig, practicing performance exercices regularly in a group setting. He is co-curator of actualitas. And individually he is performing in different performance festivals in Europe.