An artistic project / une dérivé

Arístides Santana González

Happening: 15. Mai 2010

Präsentation: 21. Mai 2010 - Stadtinsel

Dauer: 2 Stunden

Description of Happening:

On the 15th of May 2010, four groups participated in a happening in the city of Braunschweig. The only information they had was their starting point into the city. After that, they had to follow several “signals” or “symbols” through the city, which would guide them to an alleged meeting point. The signals could be anything that can be perceived on the city streets, everywhere, a monument, a building, a poster, comercial brands … Supposedly, their way to the meeting point was already set out and defined. The four groups started at different points and made their own way into town. However, the search had no end. The city's clear and easy to read structures became a confusing and stimulating mixture of many possible marks, symbols, and signs. 


"I need some volunteers for make one project for "Actualitas. Kunst vor Ort" Fair, here in Braunschweig.
We will meeting this Saturday for explain the project. I need some volunteers to make differents groups. These groups must start a route in the Braunschweig´s center, into the Oker river´s limits, from differents points and they must collect and follow differents signals in the city. These signals can be monuments, buildings, comercial advertisments, ... anything. The groups have to discuss about what is or not a signal, where is the way,...
The objetive is find the meeting point. If you don´t find it in two hours I will call you and tell you where it is.
The most important is document all the route, write in a notebook all the events, your ideas, the differents signals that you found, why do you think that is a signal, draw them, take a photo, ...
In one sentence: You have to read the city.

The date is this Saturday, 15 May at 16:00 until 18:00"